Ken Lay speaks at Wilton Park event on land mine clearance

Ken Lay speaks at Wilton Park event on land mine clearance

10 March 2022

Speaking about how the IFFIm frontloading model can apply to other humanitarian causes, IFFIm Board Chair Ken Lay appeared at a conference about financing partnerships for land mine clearance on 8 March.

Cited as a successful model for innovative financing, IFFIm was part of an invitation-only discussion on land mine clearance at Wilton Park on 8 March. Board Chair Ken Lay appeared as a guest speaker at the "Wilton Park dialogue: Utilising innovative financing models to further the goal of a land mine free world.” The meeting focused on developing partnerships between the mine action and development finance sectors.

Lay presented IFFIm as a potential frontloading funding model for eradicating land mines, a goal its proponents hope to reach in 2025. The group discussed ways the mine action sector could implement innovative financing, including frontloading models like IFFIm’s.

The discussion included representatives from FCDO, the Netherlands, the Anti-Personnel Mine Ban Convention Implementation Support Unit, the Geneva International Centre for Humanitarian Demining, the Mines Advisory Group, Social Finance, Halo Trust, ICRC, Ecorys, the Cambodian Mine Action Authority and the Stone Family Foundation.

Wilton Park hosts some 70 international events and gatherings each year aimed at bringing fresh thinking to the development of international policy and advancing practical solutions to critical global issues.

The Wilton Park dialogue on land mines was hosted in partnership with the UK Foreign, Commonwealth & Development office, including the UK’s Global Mine Action Programme team, the UK’s Counter Proliferation and Arms Control Centre (CPACC) and the UK Mission Geneva.