Curbing rotavirus in coastal Kenya

06 Sep 2023

Armed with vaccines, soap, and water, Mombasa is fighting back against the deadly diarrhoeal infection.

Ugandan public gets serious about knocking back yellow fever

21 Aug 2023

Months after a major mass preventive vaccination drive, clinics are still seeing streams of people coming in to ask for the jab, say happy health workers.

A decade of partnership turns COVID-19 vaccination challenges into long term local solution in Laos

26 Jun 2023

A long-standing partnership in Laos helped overcome challenges during COVID-19 vaccine introduction and led to long-term solutions that continue to support health workers with routine immunisation.

4% too many: Nepal sets its sights on finding and protecting its cohort of unvaccinated kids

23 Jun 2023

The government’s “search and vaccination” campaign – aimed at protecting every last missed child – is already bearing fruit.

Routine vaccines, extraordinary impact: Pneumococcus

16 May 2023

Pneumococcal vaccines have substantially reduced deaths from pneumonia and meningitis, but they don’t protect against all bacterial strains, and antibiotic resistance is a growing threat.

Routine immunisation, extraordinary impact: Rubella

25 Apr 2023

Rubella can severely affect babies in the womb, leading to birth defects including heart problems and loss of hearing and eyesight. Yet even though it can be prevented by immunisation, many low-income countries don’t have enough vaccine coverage to stop the spread of the virus.

Against the clock: Kenyan runner, 15, organises 10km run to beat cervical cancer

18 Apr 2023

More than 3,200 Kenyan women die of vaccine-preventable cervical cancer each year, but teenage athlete Stecy Bosse of Kisumu is racing to change that.