Innovative Humanitarian Financing Forum charts way forward

25 Jun 2020

Leaders in business and philanthropy explore pathways to catalyse change through public-private financing

IFFIm stands ready to support COVID-19 vaccines

09 Apr 2020

Fast, flexible financing could be a game-changer in fighting the virus As COVID-19 cases mount around the world, scientists are pulling out all the stops to find a safe and viable vaccine. G20 leaders have pledged to “do whatever it takes” to combat the deadly virus.

Public and private sector leaders plant seed for forum on innovative finance for humanitarian purposes

16 Mar 2020

London, 16 March 2020 - Participants from 13 organizations ranging from legal and investment firms to Gavi, IFFIm, Red Cross, the UN and the World Bank gathered in central London on March 2 to explore creating a forum for public and private users of innovative finance.

IFFIm Vaccine Bond issuance named 2019 "Deal of the Year" by mtn-i

06 Feb 2020

London, 6 February 2020 -- IFFIm, Skandinaviska Enskilda Banken (SEB) and the Toronto-Dominion Bank have been awarded SRI “Deal of the Year” by news, data and analytics publisher mtn-i for a July 2019 Vaccine Bond issuance that raised funding to resear

The Edge of Innovative Finance

29 Oct 2019

A conversation with Christopher Egerton-Warburton Christopher Egerton-Warburton, or Edge, as he’s known throughout the financial world, was in the room where it happened, when IFFIm began in 2006. Edge is the Co-Founder and Partner of Lion's Head Global Partners LLP and served for six years on the IFFIm Board of Directors.

How Japanese investors primed a global market for vaccine bonds

29 Aug 2019

From an acclaimed debut Uridashi to the latest investment by Dai-ichi Life, Japanese investors set a trend for socially responsible investing Leaders from the global health community are convening this week at the

World Immunization Week highlights IFFIm's game-changing innovations

26 Apr 2019

Since 2006, IFFIm has contributed US$ 2.6 billion to Gavi’s immunisation programmes and had a catalytic effect on increasing uptake of underused vaccines in the poorest countries.