Local solutions to local problems: Reaching zero-dose children in Chad’s nomadic communities

06 Sep 2022

An innovative approach that combines children and animal vaccinations is helping to boost coverage amongst zero-dose children in Chad’s nomadic communities.

Bangladesh’s success in dealing with COVID-19

01 Sep 2022

A quick response, early drive for vaccines, proper campaign management and mass participation have helped Bangladesh fully vaccinate more than 70% of its population against COVID-19.

Dealing with diarrhoea: Nigeria introduces rotavirus vaccine into its immunisation plan

30 Aug 2022

Nigeria has the second highest number of rotavirus deaths in the world. The historic introduction of the vaccine into its routine immunisation system aims to change that.

New paper "follows the money” using vaccine bonds as case study

14 Jul 2022

In a paper published in the journal Economy and Space, Sarah Hughes-McLure of the University of Cambridge proposes a method of critical financial analysis, and cites IFFIm vaccine bonds as a case study.

Kenya pushes back yellow fever outbreak while diagnostic capacity improves outcomes across Africa

14 Jun 2022

Yellow fever cases are on the rise again, driven by an interruption in vaccinations during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Measles vaccines offer hope in conflict-affected parts of Ethiopia

08 Jun 2022

Recent vaccination campaigns in Afar and other regions are filling some of the gaps in routine immunisation brought about by recent conflict.

Lesotho mothers welcome the reintroduction of HPV vaccine

31 May 2022

Seven years after it ended, Lesotho has relaunched its HPV vaccination programme.