Sri Lanka achieves hepatitis B control: “We are on track for elimination”

21 Feb 2024

Leaders credit public trust in the health care system and a popular appreciation of the value of vaccination.

HPV vaccinations rebound in 2023

20 Dec 2023

US$ 92 million in funding from IFFIm supports Gavi programme.

Severe pneumonia in retreat since PCV jab, say Nepal health workers

10 Nov 2023

After the pneumococcal conjugate vaccine was introduced in 2015, studies observed a major change in disease rates. Now health workers countrywide say the impact is evident.

IFFIm funding helps VaccinesWork: measles, pneumococcus, rotavirus and yellow fever

01 Nov 2023

Funds provided by IFFIm over the last 17 years have had a catalytic effect on increasing uptake of underused vaccines in low-income countries.

Zambia launches major HPV vaccine campaign

06 Oct 2023

Health workers and vaccine advocates hope boosting vaccine coverage rates will turn the tide on the preventable cancer.

Curbing rotavirus in coastal Kenya

06 Sep 2023

Armed with vaccines, soap, and water, Mombasa is fighting back against the deadly diarrhoeal infection.

Ugandan public gets serious about knocking back yellow fever

21 Aug 2023

Months after a major mass preventive vaccination drive, clinics are still seeing streams of people coming in to ask for the jab, say happy health workers.