Routine vaccines, extraordinary impact: Pneumococcus

16 May 2023

Pneumococcal vaccines have substantially reduced deaths from pneumonia and meningitis, but they don’t protect against all bacterial strains, and antibiotic resistance is a growing threat.

Routine immunisation, extraordinary impact: Rubella

25 Apr 2023

Rubella can severely affect babies in the womb, leading to birth defects including heart problems and loss of hearing and eyesight. Yet even though it can be prevented by immunisation, many low-income countries don’t have enough vaccine coverage to stop the spread of the virus.

Against the clock: Kenyan runner, 15, organises 10km run to beat cervical cancer

18 Apr 2023

More than 3,200 Kenyan women die of vaccine-preventable cervical cancer each year, but teenage athlete Stecy Bosse of Kisumu is racing to change that.

Motorbike-riding polio worker ruffles feathers and saves lives in rural Pakistan

06 Apr 2023

Amina Khaskheli discovered she can reach more kids on two wheels than on two feet – so that’s what she’s doing. If the sight of her on her bike has upset some conservative onlookers, it has also inspired more than a few young girls.

How IFFIm funding helps #VaccinesWork

03 Apr 2023

IFFIm supports Gavi’s mission to leave no child behind by delivering fast, flexible and predictable funding to maintain routine immunisation programmes.

Canada pledges C$ 125 million to IFFIm

17 Mar 2023

Canada expands its commitment to childhood immunisation as 11th donor to IFFIm

Rotavirus vaccines return to an outbreak-hit county in Kenya

16 Mar 2023

Supply chain disruption triggered a season of vaccine stockouts and sickness in Nakuru county. Now, health workers and parents are rushing to get their vulnerable babies protected.