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Vaccination and supportive care stave off deaths in Ugandan measles outbreak

15 Mar 2024

With a sizeable cohort of unimmunised children built up over years, the measles epidemic is expected to grow among communities lining the lakeshore in Hoima district.

Sri Lanka achieves hepatitis B control: “We are on track for elimination”

21 Feb 2024

Leaders credit public trust in the health care system and a popular appreciation of the value of vaccination.

"Pure play" Environmental, Social and Governance bonds have arrived in the bond market.  What needs to happen now?

18 Jan 2024

There is an investor base eager to find opportunities that can tackle the biggest public challenges of our time. Now is the time to tap it.  By Kenneth G Lay, IFFIm Board Chair It has now been more than 15 years since the World Bank responded to major Nordic pension funds' insistence that the proceeds of their bond investments be directed...

IFFIm and Gavi prepare for future global emergencies

20 Dec 2023

Gavi is developing a Day Zero Pandemic Financing Facility for Vaccines, in line with the recent G7 and G20 discussions on the need for such instruments, to ensure that the right surge financing capacities are in place when the next pandemic hits.

HPV vaccinations rebound in 2023

20 Dec 2023

US$ 92 million in funding from IFFIm supports Gavi programme.

Doris Herrera Pol steps down after eight years on IFFIm’s Board

20 Dec 2023

Doris Herrera Pol wraps up three terms and eight years on the IFFIm Board of Directors on 31 December.

The need for humanitarian funding is huge. So why aren’t there more IFFIms?

20 Dec 2023

By Ingrid van Wees, IFFIm Board Member.