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The Wild Side of Innovative Finance: Q&A with Monique Barbut

17 Dec 2021

Monique Barbut joined IFFIm’s Board of Directors in July 2021. Currently the President of the World Wildlife Fund France, Ms Barbut has spent her extensive career in public service, playing a key role in environmental and financial global negotiations at the U.N.

Channeling private sector participation to optimise results: Q&A with Ingrid van Wees

17 Dec 2021

Ingrid van Wees joined the IFFIm board on 1 October 2021. She is currently the Vice President for Finance and Risk Management of the Asian Development Bank (ADB), based in Manila, the Philippines.

Lessons on COVID-19 from Africa: Q&A with Hassatou N’Sele

17 Dec 2021

Hassatou N’Sele joined IFFIm’s Board of Directors on 1 July 2021. As the Treasurer of the African Development Bank Group (AfDB) based in Abidjan, Cote d’Ivoire, she leads the expansion of the AfDB capital markets activities across the globe. Ms N’Sele is a Senegalese citizen. Tell us about your life. What experiences and people shaped you as a per...

IFFIm turns 15

19 Nov 2021

IFFIm marks its 15th birthday this year, just as the COVID-19 pandemic has renewed focus on the importance of its unique frontloading model.

IFFIm increases its most recent bond by US$ 250 million to total US$ 1 billion

18 Nov 2021

IFFIm today increased by US$ 250 million the 1% 5-year vaccine bond it issued in April 2021. The additional proceeds will provide Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance, immediately available funding to support routine immunisation in lower-income countries.  

COVAX begins vaccine rollout amid global supply challenges

09 Jul 2021

Camel riders traverse Northern Kenya to spread the word about COVID-19 vaccines. Planes bearing half a million vaccines touch down in Manila. Mongolian villagers gather in a health centre waiting room in Batsumber. Around the world, millions of doses of COVID-19 vaccines have begun arriving through the COVAX Facility in the largest and most rapid g...

Australia increases support for COVAX through new pledges to IFFIm

02 Jul 2021

Australia has made new commitments of long-term funding to IFFIm to support the purchase and distribution of COVID-19 vaccines to 92 lower-income economies.  Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison announced his country has pledged AU$ 50 million to IFFIm for the Gavi COVAX AMC. Australia previously pledged AU$36 million to IFFIm for the AMC, bri...