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IFFIm Board of Directors welcomes three new members

01 Jul 2024

The International Finance Facility for Immunisation (IFFIm) is pleased to announce the appointment of three distinguished new members to its Board of Directors. Eila Kreivi and Rachel Turner will join the board in July 2024, and Jeffrey Diehl will join in September 2024.

Malaria bites: health workers in 80 countries share their experiences

12 Jun 2024

As two malaria vaccines begins to roll out in many countries, health workers reflect on their experiences of the parasitic killer.

Veterans of Ghana’s immunisation programme look back

28 May 2024

At the World Health Assembly of 1974, countries committed to a programme of routine childhood vaccination. In 1978, Ghana put its pledge into practice. The years since have seen profound, if not always linear, progress.

Jessica Pulay steps down from IFFIm Board of Directors

08 May 2024

Her departure marks the conclusion of over four years of dedicated service to the organisation.

Rotavirus vaccination slows down a major childhood killer in Pakistan

25 Apr 2024

Since 2017, Pakistani children have been getting vaccinated against the major cause of deadly diarrhoea. Health leaders and workers say the effects are evident – even if there’s further to go.

IFFIm Board meets in London with eye on Gavi replenishment

24 Apr 2024

IFFIm’s Board of Directors gathered in London on 7 March to discuss how it will support Gavi and broaden its impact in 2024.

Donors set sights on IFFIm’s upcoming role in Gavi replenishment

24 Apr 2024

The Gavi Secretariat and IFFIm Board convened an IFFIm donors' meeting on 25 March to kick off the IFFIm replenishment conversation as part of the overall Gavi 6.0 replenishment ask.