Australia increases support for COVAX through new pledges to IFFIm

Australia increases support for COVAX through new pledges to IFFIm

2 July 2021

Australia has made new commitments of long-term funding to IFFIm to support the purchase and distribution of COVID-19 vaccines to 92 lower-income economies. 

Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison announced his country has pledged AU$ 50 million to IFFIm for the Gavi COVAX AMC. Australia previously pledged AU$36 million to IFFIm for the AMC, bringing its total IFFIm commitments for the AMC to AU$ 86 million. With these commitments, combined with a multi-year pledge from Norway, Sweden, and the United Kingdom, IFFIm can now issue vaccine bonds to raise immediate funding for COVAX.

Australia announced its latest support at the Gavi COVAX AMC Summit in June, a virtual gathering of leaders from government, business, civil society, and partner organisations across the globe, hosted by Japan. 

“This is a global pandemic – it doesn’t know politics, it doesn’t know borders, and none of us will be truly safe until all of us are safe,” said Scott Morrison. “So our highest priority must be to ensure that everyone can receive a safe, effective and affordable vaccine. We strongly support the COVAX AMC and are delighted to announce a further AU$ 50 million contribution from Australia to expand vaccine access for high-risk populations in lower- and lower middle-income countries.”